New Company Member - Sensorteknik

New Company Member - Sensorteknik

28 May 2015

Sensorteknik is a Danish company with 15 years of experience in web based data collection.
Our technology uses microprocessors to monitor, collect and send data to a webserver. The user can determine all important data parameters and has access to the webserver, alarms can be defined as well.
All kinds of processes can be monitored.
Sensorteknik has experience in many different fields, including weighing processes, monitoring of animal food intake, and load measurement.
Another field is monitoring of water flow. Fresh water is an important resource and losses should be avoided. Using our system, unusual consumption can be detected, losses caused by leakages can be minimized.
Our systems are based on wireless communication, therefore they can be placed in remote areas. Power supply can be solar cells or batteries.
Sensorteknik is looking for business partners in New Zealand.
Further information:

Left image: Measurement of loads on bearings in windmill towers. Data were sent through a wireless connection from the top of the tower to the ground station. Tests were done in Denmark, on a lying tower. After test, the measuring were done in the USA. 

Right image: Monitoring of industrial gas. The gas supplier has access to data for gas consumption on the webserver, production stops due to lack of gas is avoided. Furthermore, the supplier can plan delivery of gas better, and save distribution costs.

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