SCA Volvo Ocean Race Pavilion Tour

SCA Volvo Ocean Race Pavilion Tour

1 April 2015


Our most hygienic member SCA and the SCA Volvo Ocean Race Team kindly invited us to their pavilion in the Viaduct for a presentation from their all women team, as well as a private tour of the race village and Networking of course.

It was a perfect summer evening and we had a full turnout of 50+ members who were appreciative of the opportunity to get such an inside perspective of the Volvo Ocean Race from SCA, and also to enjoy delicious canapes and refreshments watching the sun go down over the boats in the viaduct - as you can see it really was picture perfect! This also of course provided the perfect setting and time for valuable networking between members, especially having a few of our new members there.

When we moved into the seated area we learned about how SCA came to be involved in the event and it seemed the perfect fit to show the world their empowerment of women! It was also great to see that SCA's sustainable and ethical practices are admirable and of course world class! We were then treated to a facinating story about how the SCA came to be right from how they were selected, the training they under went which looked intense, as you'd expect, and it was interesting to learn that the only disadvantage they had from the male teams was their lack of experience sailing these conditions, not their strength or other factors. We were shown some great footage of what it's like out on the boat and the reporter explained so well we could 'almost' imaging being there – the nerve-racking experience of sailing in the dark, sleeping with the constant noise of a boat at war with the ocean and daily life with the bare essential supplies (a few wet-ones rather than a shower). Not a time to be sentimental about work conditions.

A couple of the SCA staff kindly escorted us on a tour of the village to get a close up of the boats and told us a bit about the facinating logistics of setting up the village in each stop over around the world which is rather mind boggling. They actually have 2 sets of everything so that the next stop can be set up in advance.

We ended with a look around the SCA pavilion which featured:

  • Interactive walls & screens showing Team SCA
  • AWE (Awesome Women Everywhere) project
  • Lego replica race yacht
  • Showcase restrooms
  • Sustainability wall
  • Activations from Handee, Sorbent, Tena & Libra

Everybody raved about the experience afterwards, so thanks again SCA and team - Go team SCA!!! 

Learn more and follow the team:

More pictures of our event here:

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