President's Thoughts

President's Thoughts

5 March 2018

President's Thoughts

Hi everyone,


Thank you for your valued support of NZSBA.

It’s six months since I became President of NZSBA – and I wanted to share some reflections on the role, and on what makes NZSBA a vibrant and growing organisation.

As you all know, Frank Olsson, our past President, left very big shoes to fill. I am delighted (and thankful) that Frank, like James Clague before him, continues on the Committee and provides unwavering support to NZSBA. So you can rest easy – Frank will be on song at our Christmas party, and my singing talents will be restricted to the shower ….!

So what makes NZSBA so vibrant? It’s the people, and the support of the organisations they represent:


  • The four Nordic ambassadors (Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden) are the patrons of the Association. We are honoured to have their support.

  • A number of our members are Honorary Consuls – Inger Mortensen is the Danish Honorary Consul, Ari Hallenberg (who, until his retirement last month, was the Finnish Honorary Consul); Capt John Robinson is the Norwegian Honorary Consul; Frank Olsson is the Swedish Honorary Consul. We have recently been joined by Dermot Ross, the Latvian Honorary Consul. These members bring wide and deep in-country relationships, which add real lustre to NZSBA.

  • Our members -  
    Platinum members - Volvo, Grundfos and Electrolux;
    Company members - ABB, Asko, Atlas Copco, Cult, Design Denmark, Duncan Cotterill, Global Destination Forwarding, Husqvarna, Karajoz Coffee Company, Lego, Lightex, Meri, Nynas, Pacific Wealth Creators, Proxima, SCA, Scan Global Logistics, Sensorteknik, Signy, SKF, Studio Nord, Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics, Webhaven International, ANSA
    and our individual members and life members –Pat Bjorklund & Stig Ehnbom (Honorary Life Members) Pamela Lamm & Professor Barry Gustafson (Honorary Members) Amanda Stoltz, Christina Riisnes, Claire Conza, Oliver Hawkley, Paul Mailman, Sarah Lund - 
    are our reason for being, and deliver huge support to our organisation.  

  • Our Committee - Chris Linton (President) Coby Duggan (VP), James Clague (VP & treasurer), Christina Riissnes (secretary), Frank Olsson, Johan Larsson, Claire Conza, Sarah Lund, Jolene Gibbs Nielsen & Paul Mailman provide the glue, energy and enthusiasm to make the Association, and its events (business and networking) a success. I would like to thank the Committee, on behalf of us all - these are voluntary, unpaid roles – we value highly your continued contributions to our success.


NZSBA’s vision is to create value for members by promoting partnerships between individuals and organisations in New Zealand and Scandinavia to benefit bilateral trade and good will. We are an organisation, glued by Scandinavian connections, valuing relationships and recognising the value of collaboration.

So for me, working together, developing valued business connections and warm friendships, being inspired  by ideas and having fun are key drivers.

This was what we experienced last week at NZSBA’s Volvo Ocean Race Experience, hosted by Volvo New Zealand. What an amazing, inspiring evening, and a wonderful crowd.



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