Kromann Reumert - New Company Member

Kromann Reumert - New Company Member

12 April 2019

Kromann Reumert - New  Company Member

Kromann Reumert is the leading law firm in Denmark with offices in Copenhagen, Aarhus and London. The firm’s staff of almost 550 people, of which approximately 300 are lawyers, provide responsive, insightful and comprehensive legal advice and assistance to national and international clients, combining legal expertise with extensive specialised industry knowledge and a practical, constructive approach to legal issues.

A core value of the firm is to strive to grow with its clients as they expand internationally through utilization of the firm's

strong existing relationships and deep understanding of client businesses in order to ensure that clients maintain the same high level of legal support wherever they may transact. In addition, Kromann Reumert is a member of the world's leading international network of law firms (Lex Mundi) and actively hires lawyers with relevant international legal qualifications and backgrounds.

Kromann Reumert has acted for certain NZSBA members in Denmark and abroad including Grundfos, Scan Global Logistics and DSV.

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