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New Member: White Lynx Photography

14 April 2021

New Member: White Lynx Photography

My name is Ida Larsson and I run a commercial photography studio called White Lynx Photography. We specialise in light for products and for people photography. 

My Background

I was born in Halmstad, a town on the west coast of Sweden. My original plan was to become a journalist, so I studied journalism and psychology. A modern journalist needs to be able to do it all; interview, write articles, make short videos and - take photographs! And that was how I was introduced to the beautiful medium called a camera. I loved the process of creating and telling stories through my photographs so much that I ended up doing a Bachelor of Fine Arts - in Commercial Photography, from Medieskolerne in Viborg, Denmark. After spending some time in Norway, I emigrated to New Zealand in 2010.

I constantly use my Scandinavian heritage when designing my images, to create a unique scandi-kiwi look. I’ve even been called a Kiwi Viking by clients. 

White Lynx Photography 

Light is everything, so here at White Lynx, we put great pride into our light to provide our clients with outstanding promotional images. My journalistic background comes into good use when it comes to storytelling and image communication. It’s of great importance to us, that the images we produce stay in line with the clients branding and marketing plan. We blend flashlight with the available light to maximise the impact of our subjects.

Remember that; in the right light, everything is extraordinary.

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