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New Member: Q-Liquid

3 March 2021

New Member: Q-Liquid

We are an Auckland based wholesaler and importer of various seafood, grocery, deli and liquor products from Europe. We choose only the best products to impress our customers!

My name is Stas and I bring great European products to New Zealand from over the world!

I came to New Zealand when I was 19 to study English. I absolutely enjoyed my stay and continued my studies, got a Uni degree, and a prestigious corporate job followed.

Ah, happy days! New friends, new technologies to keep in touch with my old ones, new and true love. Yet I could not help but feel nostalgic about the foods I grew up with… Same as many other Europeans I knew. Someone had to do something about it. So, I decided to quit my cushy job and start my own business. Our little shop with European goods Skazka Delicatessen was born. It was 2003.

Hard work, many sleepless nights, achievements, doubts and disappointments – they are all part of the journey and I’m very grateful for the ongoing support from my family, friends and our loyal customers, the extended family. Thank you for all your help in making our business such a success!

As a father of two, I realise how important it is to teach my kids about their roots and keep traditions and language alive. Frankly speaking, it might not be that easy sometimes. I believe that making a cultural connection through food might be the most enjoyable one. And I believe that new generations of our kids in New Zealand should have a chance to experience European culinary traditions as you and I did. This is my "why". This is what drives me.

Every year I travel to trade shows and food expos in Europe. I sample, select and bring back to New Zealand only the best for you and your family, the unique products such as Sturgeon Caviar, Norwegian beer, Baltic seafood, sausages, deli, bakery and other European products.

New exciting quality products and all-time favourites, sure to bring up happy memories. And I hope that it makes your life even better in this beautiful country we now all call home.

Nowadays we have 3 main segments in our business:

Skazka Delicatessen – our physical retail store in Newmarket, Auckland with European goods

Euro Liquor – our online liquor store

Q-Liquid Ltd – our wholesale business that supply products to most of New Zealand supermarkets, bars, restaurants, deli & liquor stores. and

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