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Push My Button - New Company Member

25 April 2019

Push My Button - New Company Member

Push My Button is the official reseller of HappyOrNot ( a global customer service and employee satisfaction solution, developed in Finland) in the Pacific Region (New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and Papua New Guinea) since 2013. Our vision is to make people happier one smiley at a time. Since inception we have collected well over 30 million feedbacks and HappyOrNot well over 1 billion worldwide. 

HappyOrNot is a Finnish invention for collecting customer and employee feedback at the point of experience i.e. At the exit of a retail outlet or health facility or collecting feedback as you pass through airport security. The core concept is to make it as easy as possible to provide feedback and that is achieved via the clever 4 smiley face interface, all a person needs to do is press a smiley face and feedback is given. Find out more at

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