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20 July 2020

Cathrine Pierce - LinkedIn

Olli Lipsanen - LinkedIn 

My name is Olli Lipsanen and I’m a proud Finn who landed in New Zealand in January. What at timing in so many ways!

I either call myself old or experienced, depends who is asking. I’m 54 years old, but still partially keeping the curious mind of a small boy ???? I am a proud father of two adult boys, they both live in Helsinki.

I consider myself lucky, since I have been able to do work that I have found extremely motivating and fun. My career has been in IT and mainly with large software companies, selling and running software sales teams in Europe for over 20 years. Last 3.5 years with Microsoft selling Customer Experience solutions in Finland. That role I have also landed to do in New Zealand. Interesting in many ways, a true window to most of the major corporate companies in this beautiful country.

My two domain knowledge areas in software business have been customer experience (old CRM) and portfolio and project management. I’m always up for a discussion on both! 

Also sales leadership and organization change management are very close to me and I have plenty of experience on them. With my consultative approach I’m positive that I’m able to contribute and act as an advisor when needed. 

I am a very passionate innovator when it comes to creating new businesses, new ways of selling, leadership etc. Thinking out of the box, or actually getting rid of the whole box, that’s what I like to do! Equally passionate I am towards people and networking. What can go wrong when you bring great people together? (usually a lot.. ????)

As a person I’m easy going, super social, respect good manners, other peoples time and kindness. I do live quite active life with many hobbies, the usual ones on sport like mountain biking, gym and yoga. I’m also very passionate photographer and tend to share quite a bit of my photos on social media. I also love art and live music and actively participate in consuming both.

One of my long term hobbies has been watches (quality wristwatches). Quality watchmaking and those unique timepieces just are piece or art. Of course I created an exclusive watch club back in Finland, really looking forward to do the same here. Big part of my life also is helping others, so voluntary work is very close to my heart.

I’m really looking forward  joining this network and becoming an active member in it. And all of the above topics and interests, please don’t be shy on asking me to join a task force, good conversation or ideation session around any of them!

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