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New Company Member - Carbon Click

4 December 2020

CarbonClick - connect businesses and individuals to projects that fight climate change
We are an NZ based business with a Norwegian co-founder, Jan Czaplicki.
Last week, NZ Government declared a climate emergency (learn more at  where we've put some simple resources together to explain this in 3 minutes). 
We provide a funding pathway for carbon offset projects that have really positive environmental and social impacts. Carbon is just the currency that makes this transparent, traceable, and measurable. 
We originated as a team working within a large international airline, that built the offset function for them, where consumers could tick a box to offset their flights. 

We've grown to not only help airlines & airports, but thanks to Coronavirus, our green "Offset" button is now on over 500 e-commerce retailers around the world, including some of the coolest NZ household brands. Customers can join the retailers sustainability efforts*, by clicking to add a carbon offset at the point of sale.  In some cases this is measured (like airlines & airports), to be carbon neutral, and in some cases it is based on estimates (so we call it "climate friendly"). 
Consumers are more worried about the transparency and impact of their dollar than the accounting process of whether it under or over offsets the particular purchase they are making.  
CarbonClick also partners with businesses from a brand perspective, such as one of Constellation Brands wine labels, round theory - where we double offset every bottle for them, to make each bottle climate positive. 
What's more, we provide businesses with a cumulative impact dashboard, so that they can tell the story of the impact they are having, to remind staff and customers, that they are supporting the businesses who are actively making progress in this space. 
We also have the worlds SIMPLEST carbon footprint calculator, so that wherever you are in the world, you can get an indication of your own footprint (or household), in less than 60 seconds. 

This tool is also proving useful for businesses to sign their staff up to, and in some cases businesses are including our subscription offsets as an employee benefit, so that each employee is carbon educated, and carbon neutral in their wider life. 
We can be found at and we are based on the ground floor, 48 Emily Pl, Auckland CBD (a stones throw from Chris who appears to be above Miann where I go for coffee often!). 
 *We only work with businesses who are already on a sustainability journey to reduce their emissions in the first place.   
Here is an image of our CarbonClick Co-Founders. From the left Jan Czaplicki, Dave Rouse and Paul Brady.


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