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New Member - ASKO Appliances: Inspired by Scandinavia

15 August 2017

New Member - ASKO Appliances: Inspired by Scandinavia

ASKO Appliances were introduced to the New Zealand market one year ago by the Jones Family Business and have quickly built a reputation as some of the world’s most sought after appliances. Inspired by Scandinavia, the functionality and design of every ASKO appliance represents the pinnacle in quality, and they remain true to the Scandinavian dedication to conservation and environmental protection with all of their products and ventures. 

As the exclusive retailer of the ASKO collection, Kitchen Things showrooms boast dedicated kitchens incorporating a range of ASKO’s offerings. Best known for their innovative and high powered Volcano Wok cooktops, ASKO also excels in their production of supreme quality kitchen appliances like ovens, rangehoods and refrigeration, as well as dishwashers and laundry appliances. Their high performing and durable product range vaunt a wealth of qualities including superior energy and water efficiency.

With rapidly increasing popularity in the Kiwi market, ASKO brings the high standard and aesthetic of Europe’s best kitchens into the New Zealand home. With over 60 years in the business, ASKO’s dedication to innovation and sustainability concretes them in the upper echelon of the appliance industry.

The Jones Family Business are proud to bring these exceptional Scandinavian inspired appliances to the New Zealand Scandinavian Business Association.

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