Hera Hjartardóttir- New Music Update

Hera Hjartardóttir- New Music Update

18 January 2020

Hera Hjartardóttir- New Music Update

Hello, I've been making new music..

And why you should be rolling around naked in the morning dew (not kidding)

It’s June and I’m in Iceland. We have 24 hours of sunlight at the moment and it’s absolutely beautiful. It feels like forever since I sent a proper update, and I have some real news now..

I've been working on something really special (started way back in August 2016 actually) taking as much care as possible to get it exactly right.. recorded in 5 locations around the world, featuring amazing musicians; produced by someone I had wanted to work with for years. All the artists involved on this album are incredibly dear to me..

Since I started writing these songs my life has completely changed at least three-times-over; I’ve moved across the world and lived a whirlwind of emotions; listening through the songs is something like being present at a party which is also my own autopsy (yes I had a weird dream)

I’m in the process of putting together a tour over here *now would be an awesome time to reply if you have a suggestion* - either in Iceland or somewhere else after this summer, I want to play, and come to where you want to listen.. that’s what it’s all about

The other thing to do now if you want to be the first to hear it is go to this spotify artist link here and click ‘follow'

There will also be an album preorder soon, with some special extras - I do want to hear from you if you have any requests or ideas please just reply to this email, I’m here and I’m reading..

So what about this naked business?

In a few days (on the 24th of June, at midnight) is Jónsmessa in Iceland..

According to Icelandic folklore, this night is one of the most magical nights of the year, when both good and evil forces unleash and you can expect mysterious things to occur.. cows develop the capacity of speech and seals take on human form. As superstition has it, rolling naked in the morning dew on Jónsmessa will cure people from all their ailments. Also, people were advised to pick medicinal herbs on this day as it would maximize their healing powers.

While you are rolling around in the dew, make a wish because it is likely your wish will be granted on this special night. Icelandic folklore also states that if you sit at a crossroads where all four roads lead to separate churches, elves will attempt to seduce you with food and gifts.

So, do the thing…

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