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Torsten Valeur's Latest Design for Bang & Olufsen

26 October 2016

Torsten Valeur's Latest Design for Bang & Olufsen
Feels like coming home.
The question I often get is what is special about nordic design. A question I try to avoid since I feel my design is more globally oriented. When talking design at The Norse Code arrangement in Auckland by New Zealand Scandinavia Business Association, I felt almost likeI was home although I was exactly at the opposite side of our earth.
However my latest design Beovision Horizon is in many ways rather Nordic. It is luxury the Nordic way. Luxury for us is the highest level of quality, not splendor. We are enthused by the luxury that expresses itself by technical perfection, honest precious materials and superior design. This luxury is not about pretending to be more and distancing yourself from others, on the contrary, our luxury is meant to be democratic. You should feel at ease, relax and be in a cozy state of mind while you are surrounded by quality. 
Beovision Horizon is very casual in appearance. Standing on its easel stand it leans back with a relaxed attitude. No surface is glossy, yet they are all made of aluminum with a glass blasted surface that oozes quality when you touch it. The shape is kept minimal, almost naive, done the architectural way.
Starting on the Beovision Horizon design journey I was asking myself 'how come television screens still are like aliens in our living rooms'. They are now reduced to almost just a piece of glass but are still very present. That made me think about mirrors. No one put just a piece of mirror glass in your living room the glass is always framed to fit in. So by framing it with a slim profile and angled in a new direction, I added a little more that made it less present. You can walk by the Horizon nearly unaware that it is a television, yet when you look directly at it, it looks like the arch-type of a television.
This year we also launched Beovision 14, Beosound 1 and 2 plus LG Signature washing machine, which received the 2016 IF Gold Design Award. It must be the result of the energy I captured from our stay at Ben Lomond, the high-country sheep station near Queenstown.

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