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New Individual Members

7 December 2020

New Individual Members
Andrew Jenks

We’re honoured and delighted that New Zealand’s Ambassador to Scandinavia, HE Andrew Jenks, has agreed to be a patron of New Zealand Scandinavia Business Association, alongside the Nordic ambassadors. It is a huge privilege – and further demonstrates the connectedness, and depth of valued relationships, between New Zealand and Scandinavia.
Read more about Andrew's background here. Photo of Andrew Jenks.

Mikael Uggla  (see photo)

I am a 47 years old jurist from Stockholm. Since August this year I am living in Auckland with my family, my wife Charlotta and three daughters.

What brought us here? Well, it was not a potato famine or religious reasons nor a pandemic that made us take this step. We were looking not just to visit another culture but to live and experience the daily life in another country. We had a similar experience when living in Sydney a while back and we are hoping that this stay will give our family valuable knowledge and perspective on our lives.

My professional background is in the public sector, initially working for the Swedish Tax Agency and later for the City Council in Lidingö at the office of the Chief Guardian. Here I work with recruiting and supervision of trustees and family law connected to that. I am still doing this work but remotely.  I also been working as Notary Public.

In the spare time I enjoy the outdoors, tennis and skiing aswell as culture in many forms.

Tom Collins - Hans and Pat Björklund Scholarship

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to say a few words about the Hans and Pat Björklund Scholarship. It has truly been a life-changing experience studying at Lund University in Sweden. On an academic level, I was able to get a high-quality education and participate in courses I wouldn’t have been able to in New Zealand. The lecturers and resources I had access to helped inspire my master’s thesis, which I finished in June, on the connection between popular culture and politics. I didn’t even know about this nascent and exciting field of research until I was in Lund, so I can’t understate how academically valuable the NZSBA’s support has been.

Unfortunately, I had to return home in late March because of Covid-19. But since completing my studies I’ve had two positions that were made possible by my experience studying in Scandinavia. I worked for the Electoral Commission as a Voter Assistant during last month’s election and now I’m up in Wellington doing a 6-month internship with the EU Delegation to New Zealand. Both roles said that my time in Sweden made my application stand out. These comments emphasize just how valuable the Hans and Pat Björklund Scholarship has been, not just for my studies, but for opportunities after university as well.

Finally, I was lucky enough to make some great friends while I was in Sweden and travel to over 20 countries. I learnt so much about Scandinavian and European culture and can’t wait to go back sometime soon. I know I will carry the lessons I learnt and memories I made with me for the rest of my life. So, thanks again to the NZSBA and all its members. The money you donate makes a huge difference. I hope to meet you all at the next Christmas function.





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