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New Company Member- FCG ANZDEC

10 January 2020

New Company Member- FCG ANZDEC

FCG ANZDEC was established in New Zealand in 1970 and since 2002 has been part of FCG Finnish Consulting Group, a global consulting group with headquarters in Finland. FCG ANZDEC provides consulting and project management services for international development, promoting environmentally-sound and socially equitable economic growth in developing countries in Asia and the Pacific.

FCG ANZDEC works in collaboration with FCG’s offices in Finland and Sweden, providing a combination of Nordic and New Zealand expertise in sustainable economic growth, natural resources management, environmental protection, quality infrastructure and governance. Our clients include the Asian Development Bank, World Bank, New Zealand and Nordic aid Programs as well as the governments of various developing countries. FCG ANZDEC’s core areas of expertise are Agricultural Development, Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation, Coastal and Marine Resources Management and Disaster Risk Management.

Photograph caption : FCG ANZDEC’s Afghanistan team conducting Bathymetric Survey as part of ADB funded Arghandab Integrated Water Resources Development Investment project. The project will finance improvements to the availability and use of water resources for irrigated agriculture, urban water supply, and power generation for Kandahar. The purpose of the Bathymetric Survey is to describe the physical characteristics of the bottom of a waterbody in Dahla Dam.

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