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New Company Member - Biosense

16 May 2020

New Company Member - Biosense

BioSense delivers robust and reliable biosecurity management services and environmental research strategies that support Aotearoa/New Zealand’s biosecurity readiness, response and long-term management strategy. 

Through research and environmental science, we work on a wide range of environmental issues to find solutions to environmental problems. We combine advanced science and technology with field expertise to generate valuable tools for industry and community.  

We believe a multi-disciplinary approach is essential for delivering robust ecological outcomes, and work with biologists, social scientists, Māori and community groups to engage and draw together Western science and Mātauranga Māori to ensure joint goals are successfully achieved. 

BioSense recognises the importance of mana whenua as kaitiaki of the ngahere and continually seeks to work alongside the relevant mana whenua of an area in the co-development and delivery of projects, to share knowledge and provide joint learning. The focus is on empowerment of the current generation and inspiration for the next generation. We believe a hapu-based approach and ownership within conservation will bring intergenerational wellbeing for tangata whenua and the naghere and all of Aoteroa. 

We understand that knowledge and best practice are constantly evolving and so specialise in research, science and technology development to help inform and deliver more effective ecological management. 

 BioSense is proud to be working towards a more sustainable future by doing what we love. Passion for our environment is what drives the team at BioSense. Our diverse skills are utilised in a wide range of projects to accomplish meaningful research and positive environmental outcome. 

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