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Cendio AB - New Company Member

2 September 2019

Cendio AB - New Company Member

Cendio was founded in 1992 by students from Linköping University in Sweden, and is one of the oldest Linux-focused companies in the world. During the first year of business the legal name of the company was Signum Support AB, and the business was mainly focused on services and support against the local market. In early 2000 the company changed name to Cendio Systems, and the product Fuego Firewall was transferred to a new company called Ingate Systems, joint owned by Cendio and Intertex.

Since 2003 the name of the company has been Cendio AB, and the main focus has been the Linux-based remote desktop software ThinLinc. ThinLinc helps organizations worldwide to publish Linux desktops and applications from a central server to their end users, over anything from gigabit fiber to mobile 3G connections. Cendio's customers run from 5 to 5,000 concurrent users and are mainly in the industrial, educational and healthcare sectors. High-performance computing, or HPC, is another segment where ThinLinc is proving popular.

Since 2015, Cendio has had a presence in New Zealand through its support and integration partner MUTEX NZ. Through this partnership, Cendio hopes to bring ThinLinc to the Australasian region as an attractive and fully supported solution. Cendio's head office is still located in Mjärdevi Science Park in Linköping - the seventh largest town in Sweden, and the center of the aerosystems industry.

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