Facteon - New Platinum Member

Facteon - New Platinum Member

6 May 2019

Facteon - New Platinum Member

Facteon is an industry leader committed to creating factory solutions by utilising the latest smart manufacturing and Industrial IoT technologies. Facteon headquarters are in Auckland, New Zealand while our China operation is in Qingdao. Our China-based team provide extensive in-market support to Facteon customers. The services available include machine building, robotics and PLC support, machine upgrades, full mechanical servicing and custom machining of components.   

As a member of Haier’s Industrial Intelligence and Automation Division, Facteon leverages a global network of connections to scale up to meet the needs of its customers. As an end to end service provider, our approach is characterised by seamless integration between design, automation, control systems, project management and Industrial IoT teams.

Facteon is more than an equipment provider. We help manufacturers better understand Industry 4.0, smart manufacturing and Industrial IoT. There are many misconceptions surrounding these developing technologies. Facteon provides Industry 4.0 strategy and implementation to ensure manufacturers select the most suitable technologies for their production environment. The rise of smart manufacturing has changed the competitive landscape of the manufacturing industry. To help manufacturers thrive in this changing environment, we develop and implement modern Industrial IoT technologies for factory optimisation.

Facteon is trusted by some of the world’s largest manufacturers to design, maintain and optimise their production lines. Founded as the internal engineering division of Fisher & Paykel Appliances in 1981, we have a rich history in appliance manufacture. In the 1990’s, we developed a laser welding process for producing stainless steel washing machine drums. To date, a state-of-the-art Haier facility based in China has produced more than five million washing machine drums in five years. 

Above all, Facteon works to create flexible manufacturing systems. Our machinery and Industrial IoT solutions have applications in the automotive, medical, and food and beverage industries. Facteon continues to innovate to provide robust machinery and intelligent Industrial IoT tools that serve as a source of competitive advantage for our customers.

Learn more www.facteon.global

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