AGM 2017 at Duncan Cotterill

AGM 2017 at Duncan Cotterill

20 August 2017

AGM 2017 at Duncan Cotterill

NZSBA's 27th AGM on the 15th August 2017 was well attended and kindly hosted by Chris Linton, partner at Duncan Cotterill,

Guests enjoyed an update on the associations activity for the year, presented in the President's report by Frank Olsson. (below)

Chris Linton was nominated to be president which she kindly accepted.

See minutes attached for more details.


Presidents Report

The NZSBA board has had nine meetings in the year past. New to the board for this year have been Christina Riisnes from Norway. For the year we also had a new president as James Clague choose to step out of that role due to his relocation to Tauranga. James has held his role as treasurer though and been involved with the association throughout the year. I took over with the express desire that It be an interim appointment which means that this AGM should elect a new president. Other board members have remained the same. I wish to thank all for their work and commitment, especially Claire Conza, James Clague and Chris Linton who have put in many hours to make it work. 

In the second half of last year we tried a new arrangement for the Christmas market to accommodate the new greater demand for people to attend. The event last year was held 12th November at the ASB showgrounds at Green Lane. Attendance was great although the size of it left the Scandinavian flavour a little diluted as many others also exhibited at the event. We learned a few things for the new year and the next market will take place 4th November 2017. We did pay a small fee to the Danish society for the use of the name “Scandinavian Christmas Market” which we saw as a one-off as we are essentially a supporter of the market rather than the organiser of it. We thank Volvo and Lego for their contribution in ensuring no net cost to the association.

In September H&M had an opening function at Sylvia Park with a few of our committee members present. They are a global brand and it looks like they are off to a very good start in New Zealand.

In November, there was a function launching the ASKO product range by the Jones Family Corporations and we were delighted that they subsequently joined NZSBA.

Last year’s AGM was combined with a corporate visit at Cult Design. Those attending got a very interesting review of Danish furniture design. Thank you again to Cult for hosting. 

The 24th of November we had the annual Christmas party at the Europe House on Wakefield Street with good attendance with all our member countries represented. The party was particularly joyous one and all who participated testified to the success of the occasion. Thank you to all who made it such an outstanding celebration!

Our last committee meeting in 2016 was lunchtime in December, followed by a BBQ lunch in Ponsonby hosted by the president.

February 8th there was a well-attended Danish trade event at Europe house which included the Danish ambassador based in Canberra. It was a great program worked out by Sarah Lund and her trade colleagues in Copenhagen who came out for the occasion

March 3rd there was a Norway event at Europe house hosted by the Norwegian Ambassador based in Canberra. This also turned out to be informative and a useful networking event with good attendance.

The Europe House in Auckland CBD which is available for free is a great facility with usage going up and yet available most of the time.

In July, I visited the NZ Director for Electrolux to try to entice the company to become a member of NZSBA and I am very pleased to report that they have confirmed taking up a Platinum Membership for the coming year.

I have enjoyed being president for a year but would now like to see this responsibility be taken by someone more mid-career than me.  I hope to remain on the committee and will also continue my post as president of NZ Europe Business Council.

Thank you to our members and supporters for this 26th year of NZSBA. Also, a warm thank you to those on the committee who had dedicated a lot of time and energy to make it a vibrant and successful association.


Frank Olsson
President, NZSBA

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