“Hans and Pat Björklund Scholarship for studies in Scandinavia”

The criteria for this Scholarship is for the NZSBA to support and assist recipients who are interested in studies and or working experience in Scandinavia in subjects deemed important for cultural, political and / or business relationships between New Zealand and the five Scandinavian (Nordic) countries.

The annual value of this Scholarship is $NZ 3,000.

Applications must be submitted annually in writing to the Executive Committee no later than May 15th of each year and upon approval the funds will be made available for studies and or work experiences during the following financial year.
Applicants for this scholarship will be advised of their success during the first week of July each year.

To enhance the knowledge and experience gained from each scholarship your sponsor will define specific requirements for each successful scholar to contribute in kind to the association upon their return to New Zealand.


Frequently Asked Questions 

Is there only one Scholarship on offer each year or several?

One Scholarship is on offer each year. However in the absence of a suitable application, NZSBA may, at its discretion, elect to not support a Scholarship in any particular year.


Successful applicants receive the full Scholarship of $3,000?

The amount of the scholarship is $3,000.

NZSBA at its discretion may award the Scholarship to the successful applicant or applicants. NZSBA’s committee, at its discretion, may also elect to contribute more if its finances allow and if the winning applicant is deemed worthy. What the committee look for when making this decision is an applicant who is both deserving of the money and studies that particularly match the Scholarship criteria specified on the website.


When are applicants notified if their application has been successful?

For each year’s application round, applicants will be notified in June if they are successful. If successful, an applicant would receive the Scholarship (or relevant part) in June (or when his or her studies commence, if later).

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