Chris Linton, President

Consultant, Duncan Cotterill (a national full service law firm) 

Corporate/commercial lawyer, with Celtic/Scandinavian connections (my mother’s family is from the Shetlands - historically dominated by Scandinavian influences, especially Norwegian). I like the Scandinavian approach to business, life and family, and their outward looking focus. There are deep similarities between New Zealand and Scandinavia.

Interests include swimming, family, gardening, and music.



James Clague, Vice President & Treasurer

Founder & Funds Manager, Pacific Wealth Creators Ltd, since 2000.

Member of the NZSBA Executive Committee since 2007. Have a personal interest in understanding the ‘Nordic way’; drivers of that independent Nordic thinking, treading the virgin path so-to-speak – be it in Government, business or life - pushing the boundaries of Design and management thinking.

Have a passion for ‘investing as a discipline’ and evolving boutique private client funds manager Pacific Wealth Creators into an entity that embodies those Nordic traits of fairness, integrity and longevity.

Hobbies: running and family where 2 young kids keep me firmly grounded. Laughing at TV ‘News’ coverage in NZ that gives more time to cricket than business!

Mobile: +64 21 480 600

Coby Duggan

General Manager at Volvo Cars New Zealand (Scandinavian Vehicle Distributors Ltd)

During 16+ years in the automotive industry I have been lucky enough to represent a number of premium brands spanning German, Japanese and Czech heritage, but since joining Volvo Cars in December 2015 I have a deeper appreciation of the Scandinavian design ethos and the many values which the Nordic region shares with New Zealand, despite the distance between us. 

Volvo’s authentic and unwavering focus on people is summed up by our tagline - ‘Designed Around You’ - which reinforces that everything we do is geared towards making our customers lives safer and more convenient. Volvo’s intuitive functionality is packaged in a unique and premium Scandinavian way, which has resulted in numerous industry accolades and remains a powerful point of difference that New Zealand has a real affinity with.


Frank Olsson {Swedish}

Swedish Honorary Consul
Chair of Auckland Chamber Orchestra

Long career in banking. Lived and worked in seven countries. Passion to bring people together and humanize business. Keen reader and tennis player.

Mobile: +64 21 989414

Claire Conza

Claire Conza

Founder Social Enterprise - Make Give Live
Originally Zimbabwean, moved to NZ in 2001.

It's been an iteresting journey that has led me to want to do something meaningful and purposeful with my life, founding Make Give Live in 2016. I'm Passionate about social enterprise and doing business ethically, sustainably, and for the greater good of the people and planet. I believe that Scandinavians generally share these values and I thoroughly enjoy being part of the NZSBA.

Interests include learning, creating and of course family time.


Sarah Lund {Danish}

I first set my feet in the New Zealand paradise in 2006, planning on a 2 year work/travel experience. It ended up being a much longer journey which now has resulted in a Kiwi man and two wonderful children and lucky to call two fantastic countries home.

I enjoy establishing business relations between Denmark and New Zealand. Two countries with so many similarities despite being so far apart.

In my spare time I love spending time outdoors. Drawn towards all sort of craft and love exploring new things with a creative mind.


Johan Larsson {Swedish}

Engineer - SKF

I am Johan Larsson, swedish immigrant that has been in NZ since 2015. I am engineer at SKF since 1996.

I came to NZ together with my wife and three kids.

We are enjoying all the opportunities for outside sports, water and excursions.


Christina Riisnes {Norwegian}

Norwegian corporate lawyer, now part of ASB´s compliance team.  

After completing a Master of Law (LLM) from Auckland University in 2010, I moved back to Oslo with my kiwi partner where I worked as a corporate lawyer for over five years. We returned to Auckland in 2015 and are now enjoying family life with our young daughter. I greatly appreciate the similarities between New Zealand and Scandinavia. I am happy to be part of an association that promotes and encourage networking and business opportunities between New Zealand and Scandinavia.

Mobile: 0274801008

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